Process For Placement

1.    Register an account via the link provided and complete the prescreen questions.
2.    Complete and submit the first part of our application through your new NICS profile.
3.    If you appear to meet the qualifications we are seeking, we will invite you to fill out the Interview form via an email link, which is the second part of our application. If married, your spouse is asked to complete a separate employment application if he/she is seeking employment. If your spouse is not seeking employment, he/she should complete our spouse application, which will be emailed by a placement specialist. Next, we contact the references (pastoral, professional, and personal) that you are asked to provide on the Interview form.
4.    If you need to update your reference contact information, please email [email protected]
5.    Following a thorough review of your completed (both sections) application, if we determine that you meet our qualifications for placement consideration, you will be contacted by a placement specialist via email.  Traditionally, there is a zoom call where we tell you more about NICS/Oasis, get to know more about you, and talk about next steps. If everything is in good order at this point, your information will be sent to admin teams at the school(s) where you are interested in pursuing a position.
6.    If an administrator agrees to interview with you, these interviews may happen virtually or in person when possible. During these interviews you are able to ask any specific questions you may have. It is at this point that information about salary, benefits, housing, and other specifics of the position are exchanged.
7.    If an employment offer is extended by a school(s), you decide which position to accept. You can also communicate with your placement specialist and explore other options.
8.    If an offer is accepted, the HO will be in touch with documentation that must be completed in order to finalize your missionary appointment and be cleared to join your new school.
9.    Our pre-field orientation program, IMPACT, is a required training event you must complete before going to the field. This event takes place late June/early July.

Points of Contact:
-For General Information about your application, please contact [email protected]
-For information regarding your log in and password information, please contact Amanda McPhail