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International Community School - Singapore

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Name:International Community School - Singapore


International Community School-Singapore

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TITLE: ELL Teacher

School Background:
International Community School is located in the modern, efficient, island nation of Singapore.     English is one of Singapore’s four official languages, so those moving to Singapore usually have no difficulty in settling into and getting around in the city.

ICS - Singapore has a Kindergarten-Grade Twelve program that follows an American-based curriculum with some modifications to reflect its Southeast Asian environment. ICS-Singapore is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) as well as the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), and our graduates have been accepted by an array of American and international universities.

ICS - Singapore strives to challenge its students to explore God's world around them through creative hands-on projects as well as teacher-student dialogue and interaction, while at the same time establishing a high standard of achievement. ICS encourages its students to use their unique gifts to stimulate them to think beyond the memorization of facts and apply the knowledge they have gained.  Our teachers are the most important part of our curriculum, and they treat each student with love and respect while at the same time exercising firm discipline when necessary. Integration of Christian character and Biblical teachings into our curriculum is a major focus of ICS.


1 Identify the needs of students through diagnostic procedures and relate instructional objectives to these needs. Plan, prepare and execute appropriate lessons, utilizing appropriate resource materials and activities.

2. Maintain student records as required by the school. 

3. Communicate with parents, students, and other professional staff regarding student progress (behavioral and academic).

4. Follow prescribed scope and sequence as scheduled.

5. Follow school policies, procedures, rules, regulations, guidelines and the provisions of the contract.

6. Access the learning of students on a regular basis and provide progress reports as required.

7. Maintain proper discipline in the classroom and on the school premises utilizing teacher made discipline plan in conjunction with school wide discipline plan. Consistent consequences are expected except in extenuating circumstances. 

8. Inform the administration if unable to fulfill any duty assigned. Prepare adequate information and materials for a substitute teacher.

9. Employ a variety of instructional aides, methods, and materials that will provide for creative teaching to reach the whole child as stated in the ICS mission statement.

10. Effect student learning through mastery of the subject material by utilizing valid teaching techniques to achieve curriculum goals within the framework of the school’s philosophy.

11. Integrate Biblical principles and the Christian philosophy of education throughout the curriculum. 

12.  Supervise extracurricular activities, organizations, and outings as assigned.

13. Complete the Christian Philosophy of Education in-service program within the first 2 years of teaching at ICS.

14. Attend and participate in devotions, teachers’ meetings, evening programs if involving his or her students or as requested by the administration, and other meetings as assigned.

15. Do supervisory duty as assigned (before school, break, lunch, after school).

16. Maintain classroom in a clean and educationally stimulating environment.

17. Maintain regular and accurate attendance and grade records to meet the demands for a comprehensive knowledge of each student’s progress.

18. Keep students, parents and the administration adequately informed of students’ progress or deficiencies and give sufficient notice of failure.

19. Support the Admissions office in conducting English assessments of prospective students. Some after school and summer duties required.

20. Submit all reports to the administration, guidance office, school office etc. as required by school regulations or as requested.

21. Cooperate with the ICS Board and administration in implementing all policies, procedures, and directives governing the operation of the school.

22. Complete professional programs as required by the administration and/or ICS Board.

23. Maintain teaching credentials as required by sponsoring agency (state/provincial education department, ACSI, etc.). Acquire teaching credentials as required by the laws of Singapore, NICS and/or ICS.

24. Demonstrate the character qualities of enthusiasm,  courtesy, flexibility, integrity, kindness, self-control, perseverance and punctuality.

25. Meet everyday stress with emotional stability, objectivity, and optimism.

26. Develop and maintain rapport with students, parents and staff by treating others with friendliness, dignity and consideration.

27. Respectfully submit and demonstrate loyalty to constituted authority.

28. Maintain a personal appearance that is a role model of cleanliness, modesty, good taste and in agreement with school policy.


Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree

Experience working with English learners

Knowledge of specific subject (ESL)

Teaching credential from a state or from ACSI   

REPORTS TO: Appropriate level principal

SUPERVISES: Volunteers or assistants as needed                                                                                                                                                                                  

JOB GOALProvide a quality, Christian education to those students he/she teaches.

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