Administrator, Head of School

International Christian School - Uijeongbu

School Info:

Name:International Christian School - Uijeongbu


Job Summary/Objective:
To provide leadership in developing and maintaining a distinctive Christian educational philosophy and the best possible educational and ministry program and services

Reports to:
Vice President of Global Operations (VPGO)

General Responsibilities:
- To be accountable to the NICS Board of Directors via the offices of the President and Vice Presidents for the operations of the assigned school, through the implementation of the NICS School Policies and NICS Policies and Administrative Guidelines
- Administers the planning, development, coordination, and evaluation of the total operation of assigned school on behalf of NICS
- Delegates responsibility for all administrative units but is responsible to the VPGO and NICS for the results produced
- Prepares the annual budget as necessary to assure maximum utilization of funds to accomplish the mission, and educational and ministry goals of the school
- Adheres to professional, ethical, and moral standards of conduct in the transaction of all school business
- Recommends to NICS the appointment of all NICS missionaries assigned to assigned school
- Based on the authority granted by NICS appoints all personnel employed by assigned school (Assistant administrator appointments shall have the approval of the President)
- Makes needed personnel adjustments, assignments and transfers, approves suspensions, sick leave, and personal leave as outlined in the school’s local administrative guidelines and NICS Administrative Guidelines.  Dismisses personnel when necessary following local school guidelines, as well as NICS policies and procedures
- Provides the VPGO and the school community with the necessary information to keep them informed of the progress and activities of the educational program
- Serves as the representative of NICS on the field and its leadership, and provides the VP of Finance, VPGO and President of NICS with the necessary information to keep them informed of the progress and activities of the ministry of the assigned school
- Ensures that school operations properly represent the ministry of NICS as determined by the Board and President of NICS, and to work in harmony, cooperation, and compliance with that leadership and in cooperation with the Home Office
- Appropriately promotes and positively identifies the local school with the NICS organization in such a way that builds a positive image of the mother organization on the field and among the school community
- Administers the school program in conformity to the mission, purpose and values of the assigned school and NICS; the NICS School Policies and Administrative Guidelines, and the regulations of the Partnership Document as signed by the assigned school’s Local Ownership Board and NICS, Inc.
- To hire a team of teachers who are evangelical, mission-minded Christians, in agreement with the NICS and assigned school’s mission, statement of faith and philosophy
- To ensure the development and implementation of a school-wide plan for evangelism, discipleship, and Biblical integration
- Attend the Annual Leadership Conference typically held in February. Make every effort to attend regional meetings of NICS leadership.  Assure the NICS monthly ministry and financial reports, as well as the Annual Field Report are sent to the NICS Home Office according to the schedule prescribed by the NICS Home Office. Assure policy monitoring reports are filed on time and according to proper instructions for such reports.
- It is primarily the Head of School’s responsibility to safeguard the long-term relationship between the local school and NICS/Oasis, ensuring that all host-country registrations, contracts, permissions, paperwork, & etcetera are kept current, and solidify to the greatest extent possible the permanent relationship between the local school and its mother organization NICS/Oasis.
- Performs such other duties as may be assigned by the VPSO and President of NICS as the need requires

- A Master’s degree with a major in educational administration
- Meets certification requirements of recognized accrediting agency responsible for issuance of school’s accreditation
- Prior experience as a principal or the academic head of a school program
- Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the President of NICS may find appropriate and acceptable


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