Use Your Degree To Change Eternity

One thing NICS teachers understand, is that they are using their influence in kids lives to change eternity. Our teachers use their degrees to offer kids world-class education, but their daily investment opens the door for Gospel-centered relationships.

Working at a NICS school is more than your ordinary teaching job. Our focus is learning, not testing. With a U.S. school calendar, summers off, and a world-class health insurance program, you can continue your career in education and impact the world for Christ.

Choose from positions in thirteen countries and see the world. NICS has over 30 years of experience helping teachers live out their passion around the globe. You will have the full support of a team of experts that will come alongside you to help with everything from getting visas, procuring housing, and providing cultural training. Join the NICS global community and be part of our family. You were created for more.