NICS Puts Mexico City Project on Hold

Earlier this year we announced plans to start a new school in Mexico City in the August of 2014.  For nearly the past year, we have been diligently preparing to launch this new school.  Our planning efforts have certainly affirmed that Mexico City is an ideal location for a NICS School. Furthermore, our plans have been largely contingent upon a partnering organization providing the necessary start-up funding for the project. Unfortunately, it has been recently brought to our attention that the funding of this project has not come to fruition as originally expected. Consequently, we have chosen to temporarily put this project on hold.

Although we are disappointed that we cannot currently move forward on starting a school in Mexico City, we trust that the Lord can provide the means for this school to be birthed. We sincerely appreciate all of those that have expressed interest in being involved in this project.  We ask that you would pray for God’s direction and provision for this new project opportunity.