Amazon Valley Academy Projects Bright Future


Founded in 1958 as a school for the children of missionaries working in the Amazon Valley, AVA has experienced many transitions through the years.  One of those transitions came about when it became apparent that the diminishing number of missionary kids would make it necessary to either close the school or change the school model.  NICS was invited to take over the management of the school in 1999, opening enrollment to both local business families as well as nationals.

While the school has grown to some degree, the lack of a sizeable international business community in the city of Belem, combined with a limited number of local Brazilians who would choose an American-style education, has made it necessary to constantly assess whether the NICS model (with salaried teachers) is the best model for a successful and sustainable international school in Belem.  After much consideration and prayer, the involved parties, along with a new partner (Believer’s Bridge), have chosen a new direction for AVA.  As of July 1, 2014, Believer’s Bridge will be the new operator of AVA.

We want to make it clear that NICS loves AVA, and always will!  This school holds a very special place in our hearts, and we want nothing more than to see the school succeed.  Even if it means separation from our agency (with much sadness), we believe that a more sustainable model will be best for the long-term welfare of AVA.  We are so thankful for Believer’s Bridge, a mission agency that has stepped up with a new plan for AVA, which we believe paves the way for a positive and bright future!

It has been our joy to work with the AVA family for the last fifteen years!  We continue to support the great work and ministry that God started in Belem 56 years ago.  In addition to the significant financial contributions we have had the privilege of making to AVA, our agreement with Believer’s Bridge also allows the NICS faculty to continue working at AVA.  As we see AVA launch into a new era, we wish all the school family well, and pray for God’s richest blessings.

—Joe Hale, President, NICS