School Nurse

Highlands International School

School Info:

Name:Highlands International School

Region:Latin America

Job Title: School Nurse

School Background

Highlands International School (HIS) was founded on February 2, 2003. Since May 19, 2003, HIS has been a member of the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS), with many schools around the world. HIS is an international Christian school that provides an environment of academic excellence and respect for people of all cultures and religions. Highlands International School is a community of students, parents, and Christian educators, working together as a NICS network school, to instill in each student a passion for truth, a commitment to excellence, and an appreciation for diversity. HIS Core Values: Servant Leadership, Christ-like Compassion, Biblical Stewardship.

Job Summary

The school nurse will work to promote a healthy school environment. Beyond promoting health and safety for students within the school facility during the school day, also encourage students to maintain healthy habits and behaviors when they are not in school. The school nurse is also responsible for identifying both actual and potential health problems, providing case management services, and collaborating with educators, school officials, students, and families to ensure students respond positively to their environment and develop normally.

General Responsibilities

Use clinical knowledge and judgment, and routinely perform the following duties: Provide healthcare to students and staff Perform health screenings Coordinate referrals to private healthcare providers Serve as liaisons between school personnel, family, and community healthcare providers to ensure a healthy school environment.

Population Served

Whole school

Subjects Taught

Health Week, Anatomy and Physiology


Current state or provincial issued nurse license (registered nurse)

Specific Skills

The nurse station is a safe place for many students. Be able to share the Gospel and in many cases offer emotional support for students.

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