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Carachipampa Christian School

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Covenant College Cambridge

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NorthStar Academy

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“I love NSA because I get to work one on one with my students.  Instead of having a class of thirty students, I have classes of one, and that is so cool because I am able to really connect with my students.” -Rachel Knipe, NSA Teacher


International Christian Academy of Nagoya

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“Being able to share Christ with my students is what I love most about ICAN. Japan is a country where many of the kids in my class have no concept of who God is. Some of the most fulfilling times in teaching have come when I can see the understanding start to take hold and see my students applying what they are learning about God in their lives.”  -Rebecca Unruh, Kindergarten Teacher


Pyeongtaek International Christian School

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“PICS is a close knit family that allows for strong personal relationships to be built among the staff and students. Through these close relationships, students are given a safe environment to develop mentally, spiritually, and academically.”  -Joshua Worthington, Science Teacher


International Christian School of Uijongbu

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Some of my most enjoyable moments as a teacher at ICS have been interacting with the students. From moments of teaching in the classrooms, interacting at recess, working with the CLAP club, and coaching after school, God has blessed me with opportunities of sharing His love and truth with a wide range of students. The looks on their faces when they learn or recognize new truths about God just keep me coming back for more!” -Shamala Boice, Elementary Principal


Yongsan International School of Seoul

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"The most important aspect of the YISS community is the opportunity we get to build real relationships with students and parents. Whether it be in the classroom, on a basketball court, on in the coffee shop, it is through these relationships that meaningful learning and ministry takes place." -Jessica Hale, HS Social Studies Teacher


Bandung Alliance International School

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"I am blessed to be working with such a talented and professional staff who view BAIS as a career and spiritual vocation. I love interacting and teaching such a great group of diverse students who represent 12 countries and genuinely care about learning and serving those around them. I am fascinated by Indonesia and its rich cultural and historical heritage." -Pete Simano, Director


Oasis International School of Kuala Lumpur

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“Being part of a new school startup in Malaysia is very exciting to me as a teacher.  I look forward to working with students and parents who make up the OIS school community. This new project is very, very exciting!  I love Malaysia!”  -Stephanie Wacek, Elementary Teacher

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Kunming International Academy

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“At KIA, I get the opportunity to invest in the lives of students from about 30 countries who will one day live all over the world. These students are going to be fluent in the two most widely used languages on the planet. It is truly a privilege to work with such amazing, talented and interesting people!” -Kevin Shorey, Middle School History Teacher

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West Nairobi School

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“WNS offers a superior academic foundation in the context of a loving Christian environment. We strive to nurture the academic, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual development of the whole child.”  -Nichole Wright, WNS Admissions Counselor

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American International School

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“Teaching at AIS has enabled me to learn about so many cultures and beliefs I would never experience anywhere else. As a teacher I have the opportunity to share my beliefs with the students while also listening and learning from them.”  -Josiah Jones, P.E. Teacher

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International Christian School of Lima

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"ICSL is a community rooted in Scripture and aimed at educating students how to live a Christ-like life through academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities." -Jonathan Bernhardt, HS History Teacher

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Highlands International School

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“Besides the beautiful setting, and the excitement of being a part of the growth and development of a young school, the best thing about teaching at Highlands is of course the students. I've never been anywhere where students were more free to be themselves, confident that they are loved. It's just so much fun the way we get to interact with them, not just as students but as people.”  -Scott Cunningham, Curriculum Coordinator

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International Christian School of Caracas

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“What makes ICS Caracas a great place to work is the genuine concern for, and investment in, its staff and students. The opportunity at ICS for growth, cooperation with other teachers, and room to innovate in pursuit of genuine, holistic learning is something I would wish all educators to be able to experience.”  -Tyler Wiebe, HS Science Teacher

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International Community School of Singapore

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“Working at ICS is a joyful experience. This is a great environment, and I look forward to going to work every day!”  -Kara Stucky, Middle School Math Teacher

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Brasilia International School

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“I love teaching at BIS because I have the freedom to share about Jesus with kids and their families from all over the world. Many of these children hear about Jesus for the first time when they come to BIS. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be used by God and impact these lives for God's kingdom!”  -Jill Lancaster, 1st/2nd Grade Teacher

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Oasis International School

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“Working at OIS Ankara has allowed me to be encouraged both spiritually and professionally. My students care about their academic performance and have high expectations of themselves. Teaching here is not a job that I wake up and dread, but something I enjoy immensely.” -David Benedict, 6th Grade Teacher

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