International Christian School - Caracas

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Caracas, Venezuela

NICS school since:
Pre-School 4 - 12

Alert:  Due to government instability, operations are currently suspended.  Please pray for this country and her dear people.  Our prayers are with our dear co-workers in Caracas, and our hopes are to reopen the school in the future.

Venezuela is a beautiful and diverse country boasting a long Caribbean coastline, Andean mountains, wetlands, a savanna and part of the Amazon rainforest. Caracas is a sprawling city of 4 million, and although the city is near the coast, it sits between lofty mountains on a high plateau offering its inhabitants beautiful views of towering green peaks.

ICS Caracas is nestled in the heart of Caracas, Venezuela in an area called Las Colinas de Bello Monte (the hills of the beautiful mount). We are approximately 10 minutes from the U.S. Embassy and five minutes from the downtown area of Las Mercedes.

At ICS Caracas, we believe in small class sizes and individual attention.  For this reason, students are in small class sizes where they are able to develop healthy social skills amongst their peers while receiving a quality, academic education. Students receive an excellent education from teachers who care.

Our mission at ICS Caracas is to cultivate a comprehensive education by providing passionate, competent teaching from a Biblical perspective for the international community of Caracas, Venezuela.

Our core values are truth, excellence and authenticity:

  • Truth - ICS values mankind’s continual discovery of God's absolute and unchanging truth.
  • Excellence - ICS values surpassing expectations.
  • Authenticity - ICS values authentic learning and discipleship.

Our ultimate goal is to reach Caracas for Christ. We believe we will achieve this goal through excellent international education by employing exceptional faculty who promote critical thinking, integrate a Biblical worldview, and daily model a Spirit-filled life.

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