Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Yongsan International School of Seoul

School Info:

Name:Yongsan International School of Seoul


Department: Schoolwide
Status of Hire: Overseas Direct Hire (ODH)
Reports to: Head of School

Under the direction of the Headmaster, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) acts as the representative and authorized agent of the school in all business matters affecting YISS. The CFO is repsonsible for the oversight of (1) business office staff, (2) facilities, (3) financial aspects of YISS, (4) legal compliance, and (5) long term improvements of benefits and compensation. 

The successful candidate will:
-Have a graduate degree in business related subject.
-Have a thorough knowledge of corporate budgeting processes.
-Have a minimum of two-year's experience working with an education institution.

Professional Expectations:
-Communicate the mission and vision of YISS throughout all school operations. 
-Create and monitor the annual budget with appropriate input from stakeholders. Oversee and manage the financial and budgetary process of the school to include the monitoring of expenditures to ensure each budget manager is utilizing funds apppropriately and in accordance with the approved operational budget. 
-Ensure that financial information and data is provided; that it is timely, comprehensive and accurate, and that it enables the school to plan and take appropriate management action. 
-Supervise the business office personnel, as well as other clerical and site staff of the school, to create a high performing team that is responsible and able to anticipate the needs of the school. 
-Ensure wise stewardship of the resources of the school.
-Develop plans for evaluation and preparation of long-term development/refurbishment plans to the school premises. 
-Monitor all accounting procedures and resolve problems, including: The ordering, processing and payment of goods and services provided to the school; The operation of all bank accounts, ensuring that full reconciliation is undertaken at least once a month; Maintaining an assets inventory; Preparation of invoices and collection of fees.
-Ensure that correct and robust financial controls and procedures are in place. 
-Esnure that the school meets all statutory and legal requirements concerning information and financial management, and to liaise with external auditors and other external organizations. 
-Work in conjunction with the headmaster to project the long-term needs of the school.
-Work in conjunction with the headmaster to project the long-term personnel needs of the school. 
-Manage and develop the school's computerized management information systems. 
-Supervise the grounds, maintenance, and transportation manager(s). 
-Lead and manage the clerical and site staff of the school, including recruitment, appointment, instruction, appraisal, and development, to create high-performing teams which understand their role and the contribution they make to the overall effectiveness of the school. 
-Monitor all contracts to ensure efficiency and value for money and prepare any tender documents for renewal or change of contract. 
-Take responsibility for and lead the school on risk assessment and the management of health and safety across the school. 
-Ensure activities of all areas of the school conform to current health and safetly legislation. 
-Work with the headmaster to develop, implement, and manage operational policies, procedures, and practices to maintain effective operations of the school and work with other school leadership to interpret policies and procedures when clarity is needed. 
-Work in conjunction with human resources personnel to supervise the effective management of: teacher housing, implementation of faculty and staff benefit packages, employment related issues that arise with personnel, implementation of personnel policies and procedures, Korean labor laws and practices issues, and immigration laws and practicies issues.
-Work with the headmaster to ensure academic programs are fully funded. 
-Work with the headmaster to ensure equitable compenstation and benefits packages for faculty and staff of the school. 
-Work with the headmaster to evaluate and streamline operations of the school. 
-Work with the headmaster in the development of strategic planning and serve as a member of the steering committee. 
-Serve on the continuing education committee. 
-Chair the TAP committee. 
-Create quarterly and annual reports for submission to the KFSF and NICS to ensure there are ongoing communications pertaining to the operation of the school. 
-Ensure the annual audit is conducted and changes implemented as necessary. 
-Monitor the school's compliance to all Korean laws and regulations. 
-Work with the headmaster in the recruitment, hiring, and induction process of teaching staff. 
-Perform other duties as assigned. 
-Abide by and support all policies of NICS and YISS

Term of Employment:
Two year initial ODH contract.

All employees and associates are required to adhere to a Safeguarding Code of Conduct that contains expectations about their relationships with children, social media use, and the use of children's photographs, and identifying information. 


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