Administrator, High School Principal (2022-2023)

Yongsan International School of Seoul

School Info:

Name:Yongsan International School of Seoul



JOB DESCRIPTION – High School Principal

School Background:

Yongsan International School of Seoul is located in the heart of Seoul, the capital of South Korea.  Seoul is home to twenty-five million people, and is a safe, modern city with excellent public transportation and many social and cultural opportunities. 

YISS offers a K-12 U.S.-based curriculum designed to nurture the attitudes, knowledge, and skills of the whole child. Our mission is to instill in each student a passion for truth, a commitment to excellence, and an appreciation for diversity. YISS seeks to employ experienced Christian educators who are eager to fulfill our mission and have a passion for living out their faith in an international school context as we serve the 1000 students and families represented. With students from over 50 countries, we greatly value the diversity in our students, and as such, value diversity in our faculty and staff positions at YISS. Our current staff hails from all over the world, though most have been educated in the United States and Canada. Our teachers are what make YISS such a great place for students to grow both spiritually and academically.

Job Summary/Objective:

Supervise the total operation of the High School.

Reports to:


General Responsibilities:

1. Administer the High School in accordance with the philosophy, policies, and procedures of YISS.

2. Provide leadership in the accomplishment of the spiritual mission of the high school in the lives of the faculty, staff, and students.

3. Set the academic and professional standard for the faculty, staff, and students.

4. Communicate constantly and clearly the operational progress of the high school to the headmaster.

5. Refine and develop current curricular programs of the high school in conjunction with the Chief Academic Officer.

6. Create new programs and processes to improve the functioning of the high school.

7. Perform faculty and staff evaluations with a mind toward professional growth.

8. Recommend with evidence to the headmaster the retention, termination, or non-renewal of high school faculty and staff.

9. Implement a professional improvement plan for teachers as necessary as a condition for continued employment.

10. Propose annual changes or updates to the high school handbooks as necessary by working with current high school leadership to propose/review policies.

11. Assist the headmaster by researching and recommending suggested policies for the efficient operation of the high school.

12. Prepare and present any reports to the headmaster as requested.

13. Be responsible for the efficient administration and effective functioning of the high school, including working with department chairs as needed.

14. Manage personnel affairs at the high school level including securing staff, recommending continuance, teacher advancement, and dismissal or discipline of high school staff in conjunction with the headmaster.

15. Conduct high school faculty meetings.

16. Work directly with the Chief Academic Officer and other members of the leadership team to accomplish overall school goals and recommend necessary changes.

17. Supervise the high school assistant principal(s), guidance counselors, chaplain, athletic director, and others as assigned.

18. Coordinate high school chapel programs with the high school chaplain.

19. Coordinate special events related to the high school program.

20. Check teacher Rubicon Atlas and grade books for the high school.

21. Check scheduling, supervise schedule problems of the high school, and complete next year’s master schedule.

22. Be involved in public relations for the high school as well as assisting the headmaster with parents and community relations.

23. Work in coordination with the principals in the development of duty rosters, use of facilities, and schedules.

24. Report needs for maintenance, repairs and security.

25. Be a permanent member of the steering committee and prepare documents for school accreditation.

26. Train faculty and staff in the routines of daily operations.

27. Provide leadership in the discipline program for high school students.

28. Evaluate high school programs and personnel and recommend changes as appropriate to the headmaster.

29. Secure substitute teachers for the high school.

30. Facilitate checkout for assigned staff at the end of year.

31. Attend meetings as directed by the headmaster.

32. Perform other duties as assigned.

33. Abide by and support all policies of YISS, KFSF and NICS/OASIS.



1. Five years classroom experience and administrative experience required

2. Master’s degree or equivalent required

3. Current State Certification

4. Prior experience as school principal preferred

5. Experience with 1:1 laptop program preferred

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