Music Theory Teacher, AP, Part Time

NorthStar Academy

School Info:

Name:NorthStar Academy

Region:North America

Job Title - AP Music Theory Teacher (Part Time)

School Background

NorthStar is totally online with students all over the world working asynchronously. Students work at their pace, finishing a semester course within 26 weeks and a year long course within 52 weeks. NSA teacher/contractors must be content experts who are willing to author courses.

Job Summary/Objective

This music position is a part time opportunity teaching a year long AP Music Theory class as well as a semester long Music Appreciation class and semester long Music Theory class. Contractor/teachers grade all assignments, answer questions through email and a chat program, and meet at least once a semester with each individual student in our online classroom. Course authoring with NorthStar training will be involved in this position.

General Responsibilities

Contractor/teachers must have a desire to disciple students, and be dedicated to excellent academics while being personal and relational with students who are located all over the world.


The desired contractor/teacher must be a licensed educator through their state, Canada or ACSI. While NorthStar will train for our systems, the qualified candidate will be comfortable with technology and excited to learn new technology. A masters degree in music as well as collegeboard training for AP Music Theory is preferred for this position.

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