Language Arts, High School, Part Time

NorthStar Academy

School Info:

Name:NorthStar Academy

Region:North America

JOB DESCRIPTION – High School Language Arts Teacher

School Background:

NorthStar Academy is totally online with students all over the world working asynchronously. Students work at their pace, finishing a semester course within 26 weeks and a year-long course within 52 weeks. NSA teacher-contractors must be content experts in their subject area and strive to foster relationships with students for the purpose of discipleship

Job Summary/Objective:

The Language Arts Teaching position is part-time. Contractor/teachers grade all assignments, answer questions through email and a chat program, and meet at least once a semester with each individual student. 

General Responsibilities:

Contractor/teachers must have a desire to disciple students and remain dedicated to excellent academics while being personal and relational with students who are located world-wide. 


The needed contractor/teacher must be a licensed educator through their state, Canada, or ACSI. While NorthStar will train for our systems, the qualified person will be comfortable with technology, excited to learn new technology, and committed to personally investing his or her students. 

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