Business Manager

Mexico City Christian Academy

School Info:

Name:Mexico City Christian Academy

Region:Latin America

JOB DESCRIPTION – Business Manager

School Background:

Located on the Lomas de la Hacienda, La Hacienda Christian Academy first opened its doors as a service to the local missionary community in the fall of 1994.

A few years later, Northside Academy began operations on the same campus. This secondary school was organizationally independent from the elementary school.

In the spring of 2002, the two academies merged and began operations under an independent parent board. The new K-12 organization was renamed Mexico City Christian Academy (MCCA).

MCCA operated under the auspices of an active, local board from the time of the merger through the 2014-2015 school year.  During the fall of the 2014-2015 academic year the MCCA board, sensing an ever-increasing need to turn the academy over to an education organization, began negotiations with the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS). During the spring of 2015, an agreement was finalized and MCCA official became a NICS member school effective with the start of the 2015-2016 academic school year.

MCCA, operating as a Christian international school located in Atizapan de Zaragoza, currently serves the international and internationally-minded communities in the northwestern region of Mexico City and the surrounding area.

Job Summary/Objective:

The Business Manager oversees the Business Office and all the financial operations of the school.  The Business Manager works with the Director in designing and maintaining the schools long term Strategic Plan and the annual budget. They ensure that the budget is up-to-date and the business is running smoothly in accordance with the established budget. The Business Manager is also responsible for working with various tax and legal consultants to ensure the school is in compliance with local and national laws. The Business Manager manages all things related to tuition and tuition assistance. The Business Manager manages and supervises the members of the Business Office as well as any other staff assigned to them by the School Director.

General Responsibilities:

-Supervision and evaluation of the Business Office staff as well as any other staff assigned by School Director

-Completes and submits all financial related reports due to Oasis via NOVERANT as well as reports and data due to Oasis Comptroller

-Works collaboratively with the FLT as a member of the school admin team

-Oversees the long-term financial planning of school

-Oversees all accounts payable and accounts receivable activities

-Works with the Director to design and maintain the long term Strategic Plan

-Serves as public relations liaison for the banks, tax office, businesses, as well as parents.

-Makes and implements the school’s yearly budget (with the Director and DAC)

-Oversees the monthly financial reports to NICS

-Works with the external auditors, consultants, etc.

-Oversees all banking and bookkeeping functions necessary for proper financial reporting, ensuring accurate and regularly reconciled financial records

-Oversees payroll for school employees including all related taxes to ensure school and staff are compliant with local laws.

-Coordinates all required school insurance policies (facility, accident, employee dishonesty, etc.)

-Oversees the tuition invoicing process and closely monitors payment schedules to ensure all tuition and fees are collected in accordance with school and NICS policy.

-Manages and administers Tuition Assistance Program (when applicable)

-Oversees school paperwork, documents to ensure school is compliant with all government financial regulations

-Works with the Facilities’ Manager and his Facilities’ Supervisor to make sure that the school is maintained well and that the supplies needed to run the school are available.

-Oversees the purchasing process and vendor relationships, ensuring bids are received and contracts negotiated when necessary 

-Oversees school’s Fixed Asset inventory and maintains up to date depreciation schedule

-Educates staff in how to manage individual budgets for classroom and extracurricular activities.

-Helps orient the new staff in local finances, and facilitates the setting up (opening) of bank accounts and tax id’s (where applicable).

-Assists in setting up new employee bank accounts.

-Assists in securing expat staff housing (where applicable).

-Available and willing to advise staff on financial topics.

-Other duties as assigned by the Director.


The candidate must possess:

-A bachelor’s degree in a business administration (or related field)

-A minimum 2 years work in the business realm

-Ability to oversee debt repayment, and set a yearly (and monthly) budget

-Ability to oversee long term year strategic plans for the school (business)

-Ability to clearly communicate and represent the school to the community as well as provide excellent internal and external customer service

-Ability to effectively manage personnel (finance, purchasing, office and government liaison personnel)

-Demonstrate a reasonable level of computer literacy, effective electronic communication skills and have the ability to learn necessary financial applications.

-A Christian with a consistent testimony among his/her family and peers.

-Must be a TEAM player, especially as a key member of the “Field Leadership Team or FLT”.

-Must have a strong working knowledge of finance, budgeting, debt repayment and the accounts receivable/accounts payable functions.

-Must have familiarity with and adherence to standard accounting principles and controls.

-Must have the ability to assess the school’s financial data and be able to effectively advise the school’s Director on financial matters.

-Must be able to navigate and communicate well with Oasis, the Director, and local businesses.

-Must be able to effectively manage his/her employees including encouraging and/or disciplining as needed all the while being a strong spiritual leader and role model.

-Must have the ability to cooperate with employees in other departments and as an administrator be able to respond to the finance questions that arise within the diverse group of school employees.

-Must be able to think quickly and act appropriately in emergency situations.

-Must be flexible and able to adapt to change.

-Must be able to function properly under time constraints and perform well under pressure.

-Must have punctual and regular attendance.

-Be available to work extra hours as needed and fill administrative needs that may arise.

-Support the broader program of the school by attending extra-curricular activities when possible.

-Must understand the importance of developing marketing and customer service initiatives.

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