Elementary Teacher, Upper Grades

International School - East Asia

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Name:International School - East Asia


Job Title

Elementary Teacher

School Background

International School - East Asia has about 300 students, from Kindergarten-3-year-old through grade 12 and our student population is made of about 50% whose parents work with NGO’s and other types of charities. Currently we have about 40 teachers from 13 different countries. 

We are an “American-based” school, with some “international characteristics”. Each student from grade 1 through 10 is required to take the local language. We also “internationalize” our social studies classes and are considering the adoption of an international math program. It is still American with students taking the MAP test in K through grade 8 and PSAT in grades 9-11, and SAT in grades 11 – 12. Since we have many students who are non-native English speakers, a full ESL program from grade 1 – 10 is in place to serve them. In addition, International School - East Asia offers 19 AP courses with 10 of them being site based.

International School - East Asia is fully accredited through Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and it is required that all foreign teachers hold a valid teaching certificate or license.

Although living in East Asia has a few hardships, it is very rewarding. After the period of transition of learning where to buy items, where the good restaurants are and how to get around the city, by taxi, bus, or bikes, The school community is truly a comfortable place to live. The school provides language lessons to help you with developing language where it’s much easier to be more independent. There’s such simplicity to life here; it gives us more time to focus on relationships. 

 Job Summary/Objective

The International School - East Asia teacher is the school’s most important resource. International School - East Asia is committed to finding the most highly qualified, like-minded teacher for each position at the school. Administratively International School - East Asia is proud of the dedication and commitment of International School - East Asia teachers impacting the lives of their students and facilitating their success in school and in their postsecondary endeavors! The purpose of this role is to interact with expatriate students to foster the growth of personal character, relational skills, content mastery and the learning processes within a safe, caring environment.

General Responsibilities

  • Exhibits professionalism in service to students, in supporting International School - East Asia policies and regulations, in leading activities, and in decision making; and is a student advocate.
  • Designs and implements instructional resources and plans engaging lessons.
  • Uses subject mastery and best practices to reach a diverse group of learners.
  • Employs a variety of instructional strategies to reach the whole child:  mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally.
  • Regularly assesses student learning and uses assessment data to guide instruction.
  • Provides a classroom environment that is safe, welcoming, respectful, and well managed.
  • Utilizes educational opportunities and evaluation processes for professional growth.
  • Cooperates with staff in other departments and works as a team member in educating the students.
  • Willingly takes on assignments outside of their subject areas as the needs arise.
  • Contributes to the overall safety and improvement of the school.
  • Functions properly under time constraints and performs well under pressure.
  • Strives to understand and appreciate the local culture and demonstrate cultural sensitivity to the local and International School - East Asia community.


  1. Holds a bachelor’s degree in education and/or the field of study which he/she will be teaching (highly qualified)
  2. Certified as an educator (stateside/provisional)
  3. Has at minimum 2 years of teaching experience
  4. Demonstrates a reasonable level of literacy in technology
  5. Must have experience doing lesson plans and classroom management, handling discipline proactively
  6. Manages a classroom well and brings enthusiasm for learning to the students

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