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International Community School - Singapore

School Info:

Name:International Community School - Singapore


School Background:
International Community School (ICS) is located in the modern, efficient, island nation of Singapore. English is one of Singapore’s four official languages, so those moving to Singapore usually have no difficulty settling into and getting around in the city. ICS - Singapore has a Kindergarten - Grade Twelve program that follows an American-based curriculum with some modifications to reflect its Southeast Asian environment. ICS-Singapore is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) as well as the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), and our graduates have been accepted by an array of American and international universities. ICS - Singapore strives to challenge its students to explore God's world around them through creative hands-on projects as well as teacher-student dialogue and interaction, while at the same time establishing a high standard of achievement. ICS encourages its students to use their unique gifts to stimulate them to think beyond the memorization of facts and apply the knowledge they have gained.  Our teachers are the most important part of our curriculum, and they treat each student with love and respect while at the same time exercising firm discipline when necessary. Integration of Christian character and Biblical teachings into our curriculum is a major focus of ICS.

Job Summary/Objective:
To provide leadership in the secondary school with a focus on delivering a distinctive Christian educational philosophy. To develop an excellent educational and ministry program that maintains a safe and positive learning environment for students.

High School and Middle School faculty and student groups

Reports to:
Head of School

Performance Responsibilities:
1. Be accountable to the Head of School for operations of the secondary school.
2. Be responsible to carry out those items at the secondary school that are distinctive of NICS schools as presented in the NICS Partnership Document and the NICS Missions Manual.
3. Provide leadership in the accomplishment of the spiritual mission of the secondary school.
4. Be responsible for expediting directives from the Head of School concerning matters directly related to the secondary school and the operation of the school.
5. Be responsible for the efficient administration and effective functioning of the secondary school.
6. Manage personnel affairs including recommending continuance, dismissal or discipline of staff in conjunction with the Head of School.
7. Assist the Head of School in the hiring of faculty and staff members who are evangelical, mission-minded Christians, in agreement with the school’s philosophy and statement of faith, agree to abide by school policies, and are committed to the mission of the school and NICS.
8. Lead the secondary school staff is such a way as to ensure that the mission/philosophy, vision, goals and objectives, and Statement of Faith of NICS and the local school are followed and/or achieved.
9. Be responsible for direct supervision of the secondary school faculty.
10. Conduct faculty meetings as needed or required.
11. Proofread progress reports and report cards prior to dissemination to students/parents.
12. Coordinate special events related to the secondary school program.
13. Supervise instruction, assist teachers, coordinate in-service programs, orientation, faculty meetings, etc. related to the secondary school.
14. Check teacher lesson plans and grade books.
15. Interview and make recommendations of new student admissions as delegated. Work closely with Admission Director to assure smooth enrollment of new students.
16. Evaluate programs and recommend changes as appropriate.
17. Provide checkouts for assigned staff at the end of the year including inventories, cleaning, storage, projected orders, etc.
18. Provide leadership and assistance in the discipline of students.
19. Evaluate secondary school program and personnel and recommend changes as appropriate.
20. Administer the secondary school in accordance with the philosophy, policies and procedures adopted by the School Board and NICS Board of Principals.
21. Assist the Head of School by researching and recommending suggested policies for the efficient operation of the School.
22. Prepare and present any reports to the Head of School as requested.
23. Assist the Head of School with Parent-Teacher activities related to the School.
24. Assist the Head of School as needed in the development and dissemination of the school’s Parent/Student Handbook and Faculty Handbook.
25. Assist the Head of School with staff development, retreats, etc. as requested and as needed.
26. Assist the Head of School and school business manager in the preparation and monitoring of the annual budget.
27. Observe each teacher in various teaching situations, following up each observation with a post observation conference and written report as required by school policy.
28. Review curriculum, make suggestions for adoption and work with business office/guidance counselor to order and maintain inventories of materials, texts, supplies, etc.
29. Work in coordination with the Head of School and other principal(s), in the development of duty rosters, use of facilities and schedules.
30. Train faculty and staff in the routines of daily operations e.g. attendance, records, grading, reporting, etc.
31. Safeguard the interests of the school’s mother organization (Network of International Christian Schools) and her mission.
32. Assist Head of School with public relations, addressing requests, and answering inquiries.
33. Monitor the academic intervention program for high school students.
34. Assist students in college selection and other PHS options.
35. Oversee the execution of the ESL and learning support programs.
36. Other duties as assigned.

The candidate must possess:
- A Master’s degree with a major in educational administration preferred.
- Meets certification requirements of recognized accrediting agency responsible for issuance of school’s accreditation
- High school teaching experience preferred
- Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Vice-President of NICS and the Director
may find appropriate and acceptable.

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