Administrator, Elementary Principal

International Community School - Singapore

School Info:

Name:International Community School - Singapore



JOB DESCRIPTION – Elementary Principal

School Background:

International Community School (ICS) is located in the modern, efficient, island nation of Singapore.     English is one of Singapore’s four official languages, so those moving to Singapore usually have no difficulty settling into and getting around in the city. ICS - Singapore has a Kindergarten - Grade Twelve program that follows an American-based curriculum with some modifications to reflect its Southeast Asian environment. ICS-Singapore is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) as well as the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), and our graduates have been accepted by an array of American and international universities. ICS - Singapore strives to challenge its students to explore God's world around them through creative hands-on projects as well as teacher-student dialogue and interaction, while at the same time establishing a high standard of achievement. ICS encourages its students to use their unique gifts to stimulate them to think beyond the memorization of facts and apply the knowledge they have gained.  Our teachers are the most important part of our curriculum, and they treat each student with love and respect while at the same time exercising firm discipline when necessary. Integration of Christian character and Biblical teachings into our curriculum is a major focus of ICS.

Job Summary/Objective:

Create and maintain a positive learning environment, supporting every student, and professional in every aspect. Thus effecting student learning and staff development through mastery of the subject material by utilizing valid teaching techniques to achieve school wide curriculum goals within the framework of the school’s philosophy.

Reports to:

School Director

General Responsibilities:

- Assist the school director in accomplishing the academic goals of the school

- Supervise teaching faculty and staff

- Supervise curriculum committees

- Assist in organizing professional development for faculty

- Foster positive relationships with parents and the community


The candidate must possess:

- Current state or provincial issued certification

- Minimum of a Master’s Degree in Education

- At least 2 years of experience

- Flexibility of schedule

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