Special Education Teacher

International Christian School - Uijeongbu

School Info:

Name:International Christian School - Uijeongbu


JOB DESCRIPTION – Special Education Teacher

School Background:

International Christian School Uijeongbu (ICS -Uijongbu) is located in the sports complex district of Gyeonggi province and the city of Uijeongbu.  The school is adjacent to a 28,000 capacity soccer stadium. ICSU is a   Kindergarten thru Grade Twelve American education program serving the international community of Dongduchon, Ilsan, North Seoul, Uijeongbu, and Yangju. 

 ICS - Uijongbu believes that education is the pursuit of truth in the context that Jesus Christ is the absolute truth. ICS- Uijeongbu follows the American school year, with 180 instructional days. American and Korean holidays are observed, including a three-week Christmas and Lunar New Year break, week-long Spring Break, and various other American and Korean holidays, giving staff and students needed breaks in the routine. The school runs from the first week of August to the first week of June. ICSU has a reputation for having a close-knit family atmosphere, with well-mannered students and supportive parents. God has truly blessed ICSU!

Job Summary/Objective:

Create a positive learning environment reflective of the love of Christ, supportive of every student, and professional in every aspect. Thus affecting student learning through mastery of the subject material by utilizing valid teaching techniques to achieve specific special education goals within the framework of the school’s philosophy.

General Responsibilities:

Teach and Serve Special Education Students. Pull out or Push in to help Special Education Students.


The candidate must possess:

Current state or provincial issued teacher certification

 Minimum of an undergraduate degree in Special Education

 Flexibility of schedule





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