English Language Development

International Christian School - Uijeongbu

School Info:

Name:International Christian School - Uijeongbu


School:  International Christian School of Uijeongbu

JOB DESCRIPTION – English Language Development Teacher

School Background:
International Christian School of Uijongbu (ICS -Uijongbu) is located in the sports complex district of Gyeonggi province and the city of Uijongbu.  The school is adjacent to a 28,000 capacity soccer stadium. ICSU is a   Kindergarten thru Grade Twelve American education program serving the international community of Dongduchon, Ilsan, North Seoul, Uijongbu, and Yangju. 

 ICS - Uijeongbu believes that education is the pursuit of truth in the context that Jesus Christ is the absolute truth. ICS- Uijongbu follows the American school year, with 180 instructional days. 

ICS Uijeongbu Is a small school with around 100 students and 20 teachers.  ICS- Uijeongbu was the first school in NICS and has a rich 37-year history.

Job Summary/Objective:
We are seeking a state-certified teacher with a passion for Christ. Two years of experience is preferred but not required. 

The teacher is a professional with the responsibility of implementing a curriculum. Inherent in this responsibility is the requirement of related academic knowledge, technical skills, and professional attitude, and judgment. 

The teacher must have the ability to diagnose the needs of learners and to evaluate their performance. The teacher must also be able to prescribe learning activities appropriate to student needs and to constructively evaluate these activities. The teacher affects an optimum learning climate through appropriate and maximum use of all resources available and through the use of effective instructional and classroom management techniques.

In addition to the requirement of technical competence, the teacher maintains an attitude and conduct which is consistent with the schools and Network of International Christian Schools' policies of professional conduct.

General Responsibilities: 
Teach English Language Development (ELD) to students in grades 3 thru 12th grade.  Will share teaching responsibilities with another ELD teacher to meet the needs of our students at all grade levels.

The candidate must possess:
Current state or provincial issued teacher certification 
Minimum of an undergraduate degree in Education
Flexibility of schedule

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