Language Arts Teacher, Upper School

Highlands International School

School Info:

Name:Highlands International School

Region:Latin America

HIS is looking for a Middle School or a High School certified Language Arts Teacher to begin teaching in the 2018-19 school year. The qualified candidate will be a certified Language Arts teacher with the ability to teach students from diverse backgrounds and a heart to share Christ with the students at HIS. The preferred candidate will have some teaching experience, preferably teaching students across a wide spectrum of grade levels and academic ability. Experience in Language Arts and in working with students with various language abilities and levels of understanding would be a plus. The applicant must be prepared to model a Christ-like life for the students and be willing to integrate a Biblical worldview into the curriculum presented. The successful applicant will desire to educate the student in every aspect of life with the end goal being that each student would leave upper school prepared to move on to higher learning with an understanding of God's love for them and be equipped as much as possible to practice healthy habits in all aspects of their lives - spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially as well as academically.

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