Curriculum and Accreditation Coordinator

Highlands International School

School Info:

Name:Highlands International School

Region:Latin America

JOB DESCRIPTION – Curriculum Coordinator

School Background:

Highlands International School is located on the outskirts of La Paz, the capital of Bolivia.  La Paz is home to approximately 2.5 million people and includes many of the world's Embassies which makes it a safe place to live. The city has a rich culture and the school is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and amazing scenery in the world.

The mission at Highlands is to glorify God as we provide a quality education in a Christ-centered environment that will, in all aspects, equip and motivate students to be servant-leaders who demonstrate Christ-like compassion and Biblical stewardship in La Paz and around the world.

Job Summary/Objective:

The Curriculum Coordinator will support all related components of the HIS curriculum program and ensure compliancy is met across grade levels. The Curriculum Coordinator will supervise teachers who will carry out and implement such directives from the coordinator as pertains to curriculum and instruction. The Curriculum Coordinator will provide leadership in developing and maintaining a stellar curriculum while adhering to a distinctive Christian educational philosophy that maintains high educational standards and encourages students and staff to be the best that they can be at HIS. The Curriculum Coordinator will facilitate discussions, research, and standards in curriculum that will provide teachers with the best resources and plans to accomplish their objectives in teaching.

General Responsibilities:

Performance Responsibilites

• Serves as a resource person in curriculum, instruction, and assessment across subject areas.
• Provides leadership to assure correlation between HIS curriculum and established standards.
• Monitor and ensure compliance for all secondary teachers in regards to current ACSI requirements to include Christian Philosophy of Education
as part of professional development and related school policies.
• Develops, coordinates, and monitors the program of instruction for subject areas.
• Provides input for the curriculum and instruction budget.
• Previews new instructional materials and arranges for piloting by teachers.
• Studies and evaluates new curriculum instruction and assessment techniques for possible use by classroom teachers.
• Assists in the evaluation of subject areas as designated.
• Arranges for staff professional development related to the curriculum program.

• Assists in the selection of instructional materials/resources.
• Stays current in their particular field as resource are available to include professional readings, seminars, workshops, and conventions.
• Identifies and coordinates opportunities for professional growth for teachers.
• Participates on various committees as assigned.
• Coordinates secondary curriculum resources and requests.
• Information liaison in regards to classroom technology to meet curriculum objectives.
• Assists with school/parent communication in regards to curriculum and instruction.
• Recommends curriculum resources for the overall school program.
• As an FLT Plus member, attends weekly meetings as assigned to discuss, plan and implement curriculum enhancements, support, and resources.
• Assesses current curriculum-related practices, recommending and facilitating change (as approved) and planning for in-service in all aspects of the school program (staff orientation, school/parent communication.
• Assists in the orientation of new instructional staff members pertaining to curriculum and standards (i.e. Atlas).
• Ensures are curriculum standards are being utilize by assigned teachers.
• Provide checkouts for assigned staff at the end of year including inventories, cleaning, storage, projected orders, etc.
• Be responsible to carry out directives as assigned by the Head of School and Principal(s) of which may include but not limited to the NICS Missions Manual and HIS Faculty Handbook.
• Develops and updates curriculum review teams for designated year cycles: evaluation, examination, and implementation.
• Oversees the five-year curriculum cycle to allow proper curriculum review as approved by the FLT.
• Manages the purchasing and acquisition of textbook/resource purchasing as approved by the Head of School and Finance Director.
• Manages curriculum inventories.
• Works with the Principal(s) to provide and coordinate professional development for teachers.
• Facilitates all the CEU crediting at HIS and records the requests, grants approval and awards the certificates on completion.
• Reviews yearly standardized testing data with Principal(s), Head of School, and teaching staff upon completion and ensure data is being
utilized for instruction.
• Other duties as assigned by the Principal(s) and/or Head of School.

Skills and Requirements

• Must be a team player, especially as a key member of FLT Plus.
• Must have a strong working knowledge of school management and curriculum.
• Must be able to navigate and communicate well/professionally with NICS, the Head of School, Principal(s), additional FLT Members, FLT Plus Members, teaching staff, and local community/parents.
• Must be able to effectively manage his/her employees including encouraging and/or disciplining as needed all the while being a strong spiritual leader and role model.
• Must have the ability to cooperate with employees in other departments and as a leader is able to respond to the academic/curricular questions that arise within the diverse group of BIS employees.
• Must be flexible and able to adapt to change.
• Must be able to function properly under time constraints and perform well under pressure.
• Must have punctual and regular attendance.
• Support the broader program of the school by attending school activities as assigned.
• Excellent writing and public speaking skills, outstanding organizational and planning abilities, strong ability to work effectively with individuals and groups, knowledgeable in the area of instructional methods and theory, ability to work with businesses and the community to develop effective partnerships; desire to serve as a team player, ability to facilitate groups, outstanding problem solving & conflict resolution skills, excellent leadership skills.


1. ACSI teaching certification and a minimum three years secondary teaching experience. Master’s degree in education and/or graduate work in curriculum development. Experience in K-12 grade curriculum development preferred.
2. Experience in school leadership and department supervision preferred.
3. Ability to oversee the HIS Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP) and/or 5-year Strategic Plan in regards to curriculum and/or academics.
4. Ability to clearly communicate and represent HIS honorably to the community with a strong Christian witness.
5. Ability to manage diverse teachers as part of curriculum development.
6. Able to demonstrate a reasonable level of computer literacy.
7. Fully comply with all items contained in the HIS Faculty Handbook, NICS Missions Manual, or other directives/policies set forth by the Secondary Principal to who will collaborate with the FLT.
8. Demonstrates in his/her monitoring of curriculum approach in that every student has the potential to be successful, a heart of empathy for those struggling, and encourages those to whom he/she leads to maintain a similar level of grace-based philosophy.
9. A willingness to be flexible, respectful, and humble while carrying out directives and initiatives while understanding the Head of School, in collaboration with the FLT/FLT Plus members, remains the final authority as pertains to any school policy changes.
10. A Christian with a consistent testimony among his/her family, peers, and students.



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