Administrator, Principal

Brasilia International School

School Info:

Name:Brasilia International School

Region:Latin America




School Background:

Brasilia International School (BIS) is in Brazil's capital city.  Brasilia is a purpose-built city, designed in the late 1950's as the federal district of the country.  Like Washington, DC, it is not a municipality or state.  The original city is designed in the shape of an airplane where the seat of government is in the "cockpit"; the hotels, TV tower, and major road arteries are in the middle body; and the residential areas and businesses are in the wings.  BIS is located near the top of southern tip of the south wing, which is also the area where our expat staff lives.  Brasilia has 2.8 million people with many living in 'satellite cities' surrounding the original "airplane" city.  Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and Brasilia the 4th largest city.  Brasilia is home to 133 embassies, which contributes to the great diversity of the city and school.  Brasilia has amazing weather, a spacious city park and accessibility to beautiful waterfalls, a great assortment of restaurants and sidewalk cafes, and delicious local foods including tapioca and acai.  There is much to see and enjoy. BIS is unique in Brasilia as the only international school that is not required to have Brazilian accreditation.  This allows us the flexibility to pursue academic and spiritual excellence without having to compromise to government or ministry regulations.  BIS has an ELC3 through 12th grade program with most students being enrolled in the elementary school.  BIS is fortunate to have the freedom to share and integrate our Biblical worldview throughout the entire curriculum and into the community.  Our campus is situated on two lots in the "school zone" of the south wing.  The leased campus and buildings were built to be a school and there is area to grow on these lots in the future. We are thankful to God to be here in Brasilia! 


Job Summary/Objective:

Create and maintain a positive learning environment, supporting every student and professional educator for maximum results. Enhancing student learning and staff development while achieving school wide curricular goals within the framework of the school’s philosophy.


Reports to:

School Director


General Responsibilities:

  • Provide Spiritual Leadership to staff and students.
  • Provide Instructional Leadership, ensuring academic goals of the school are met.
  • Develop and facilitate leadership capacity among staff and students
  • Manage school operations and resources in collaboration with the Director and the Field Leadership Team
  • Work with the Field Leadership Team to develop an inclusive school community with Christ as the center.
  • Work with the school team for accreditation goals.
  • Foster effective relationships with parents and the school Community.



The candidate must possess:

- Current state or provincial issued certification

- Minimum of a master’s degree in Educational Leadership

- At least 2-3 years of experience in a preparatory role

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