English Language Development Teacher (ELD/ESL)

Bandung Alliance Intercultural School

School Info:

Name:Bandung Alliance Intercultural School


School Background 
At Bandung Alliance Intercultural School (BAIS), we're on a mission to transform hearts and minds in our diverse community. Our vision is to be a hub where learners bridge cultures and broaden perspectives through authentic and meaningful experiences, discovering their purpose and developing their passions to positively impact their world. We are committed to providing our students with an education that not only meets rigorous academic standards but also fosters social, behavioral, and emotional growth.

Job Summary 
We are seeking a dedicated and passionate English Language Development (ELD) teacher to join our diverse and dynamic educational community. The ELD teacher will play a vital role in supporting our English language learners in their academic and language development, ensuring that they are fully equipped to engage in our multicultural and compassionate learning environment.

Performance Responsibilities

  • Develop and Implement ELD Curriculum: Design and deliver effective ELD instruction, curriculum, and assessment strategies that cater to students' language proficiency levels and individual needs.
  • Language Proficiency Assessment: Conduct ongoing assessments to determine the English language proficiency levels of students, and adapt instruction accordingly.
  • Individualized Support: Provide individualized or small-group instruction to English language learners to help them develop their language skills, both in speaking and writing.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with classroom teachers to support the integration of language development skills into the broader curriculum and participate in the development of Individualized Language Development Plans (ILDPs).
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Foster a compassionate and culturally responsive learning environment that respects and celebrates the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our students.
  • Professional Development: Stay current with best practices in ELD instruction and language acquisition strategies, and actively engage in professional development opportunities.
  • Communication: Maintain open and regular communication with students, parents, and colleagues to provide updates on students' progress and offer support when needed.
  • Data Analysis: Utilize data and assessment results to track and report on students' language development progress.

Current state or provincial issued teacher certification or ACSI Certification
Minimum of an undergraduate degree and 5 years of teaching experience or a Masters in education and 3 years of teaching experience

Overseas Direct Hire (ODH) status.
Sign an initial 2-year contract with a resigning bonus provided after your first 2 years.
Housing stipend
Annual travel stipend
Comprehensive health insurance coverage
Professional development opportunities
Sick leave
(Local Hires please inquire about the benefit difference provided at BAIS)  

Want to Join our Team?
If you are a passionate educator committed to engaging all learners in the classroom based on their individual needs and are dedicated to our mission and vision, we encourage you to apply for this exceptional opportunity to shape the future of 1st Grade students at BAIS.


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