Elementary Teacher, Pre-K

Bandung Alliance Intercultural School

School Info:

Name:Bandung Alliance Intercultural School


Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

School Background:
The country of Indonesia is a tropical country made up of more than 17,000 islands stretching 3,000 miles along the equator. Bandung Alliance Intercultural School (BAIS), a Pre-School 3-12th grade international school is located on the Island of Java, which is the most populated island. BAIS offers an American style curriculum with an intentional focus of achieving international curriculum standards and benchmarks. BAIS offers a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses through the College Board at the high school level. Also, because of its membership with Virtual High School can offer around 150 elective courses to its students.
BAIS operates as a private non-profit school to serve the international community. BAIS provides quality education in the traditions of classic, conservative ethics and values. The school ministers to the whole person; therefore, its program is directed toward individual development and enrichment in the following areas: intellectual, physical, moral, spiritual, and social. The program incorporates citizenship training, character development, personal values, and ethics.

Job Summary/Objective:
Create a positive learning environment reflective of the love of Christ, supportive of every student, and professional in every aspect.  Thus effecting student learning through mastery of the subject material by utilizing valid teaching techniques to achieve curriculum goals within the framework of the school’s philosophy.

General Responsibilities:                                                                                                   
Teach Pre-Kindergarten classes

- Current State or ACSI certification
- Minimum of an undergraduate degree
- 5 years of experience required for applicants with bachelor's degree 
- 3 years of experience required for applicants with master's degree
- Flexibility of schedule

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