Preschool Teacher

American International School - Accra

School Info:

Name:American International School - Accra


Job Description: Preschool (ages 3-4)

Salary: Based on educational achievement and years of experience

Purpose: The purpose of this position is to fulfill an elementary teacher opening.

Reporting: This role will report to the Principal of Academics, Assistant Principal or Lead Teacher.

Job Summary

The role of a preschool teacher entails daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.  A preschool teacher is responsible for encouraging and fostering intellectual curiosity while observing and evaluating student performance. The daily tasks include but are not limited to grading papers, answering emails, taking student attendance, and preparing necessary materials for each class activity. The weekly tasks include but are not limited to communicating with parents, checking on students progress, updating curriculum and lesson plans, and completing Friday checklist provided by the principal. The monthly tasks include but are not limited to attending professional development trainings, reading professional development material and observing and evaluating student progress.

General Responsibilities

  • To live a life reflective of Christian principles and practices in and out of the work environment, including personal online profiles.
  • Safeguard the interests of the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS) and American International School (AIS) and its mission/vision.
  • Be responsible to carry out those items at the school level that are distinctive of NICS schools as presented in the NICS Missions Manual, and AIS policies and procedures manual.
  • Provide leadership in the accomplishment of the spiritual mission of the school.
  • Responsible for the timely communications to administration and other faculty.

Travel & Conferences: A teacher must attend NICS Impact Conference in the summer before teaching.


  • Experience with mission organizations, third culture kids, and missionary kid schools a plus
  • 4 year degree required
  • Teaching Credential (State and/or ACSI)
  • Experience in teaching

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