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Job Description (updated February 9, 2018)


POSITION TITLE:  PE Teacher (K-12)


  • Holds a bachelor’s degree with a major in physical education, athletics leadership, and/or past experience in these areas.
  • A Christian with a consistent testimony among his/her family and peers.
  • Qualifies for the appropriate work visa in the Republic of Korea



  • Master’s degree in physical education or other educational discipline
  • 2+ years as a PE teacher in the a K-12 setting
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Youth coaching experience in any sport


REPORTS TO:  Director and Academic Principal


TERM: 10-month contract, 190 days, full-time


JOB GOALS: To develop in each pupil a sense of personal discipline with respect to their body and their general health; to contribute to the overall physical and mental development of students through age-appropriate instruction in various athletic and physical activities; to work with administration to develop a comprehensive curricular program for physical education; and to teach every student to honor the Lord through care for and appreciation of their body as a gift from God.


SALARY: Based on published salary scales in ICSP Staff Handbook according to degrees, certification, and years of relevant experience.



  • To teach physical education (PE) courses to elementary students (K-5) on a weekly, rotating basis.
  • To teach physical education (PE) courses to middle school students (6-8) on a biweekly basis.
  • To teach daily physical education (PE) courses to high school students (9th grade).
  • To utilize, organize, and maintain the ICSP gymnasium/facilities.
  • To manage and maintain the athletic and PE equipment in the ICSP gymnasium.
  • To teach the prescribed or approved school curriculum in accordance with the ICSP philosophy of education as outlined in the statutes, by-laws, and policies.  Any variance from the prescribed or approved school curriculum must be approved in advance by the Principal;
  • To demonstrate a willingness to serve the primary needs of ICSP and the flexible adaptability to adjust to the possibility of teaching a broad range of courses as circumstances may require;
  • To maintain all records, rosters, and reports as required by the Administration.  These include but are not limited to the following:
    • Annual goals and objectives
    • Course outlines
    • Weekly lesson plans
    • Attendance and grade reports
  • To be on-time and present for school, assigned classes, duties, supervision, appointments, extra-curricular activities, and all meetings scheduled by the lead teacher, principal, or school director;
  • To participate actively and enthusiastically in supporting and developing the total school program, and to assume a fair share of involvement in duties and sponsorship of various school activities;
  • To be conscious of individual student needs and to help in guidance activities in cooperation with the administration and parents;
  • To assist the administration in curriculum development, review, revision, and implementation, and to assume supportive responsibilities in the school’s goal to maintain accreditation;
  • To cooperate with the administration and other colleagues in the planning and execution of a meaningful program of instruction and extracurricular activities for all students;
  • To communicate clearly and to confer graciously, regularly, and punctually with parents regarding student progress;
  • To exhibit in the school and classroom a testimony that manifests love, humility, service, and compassion for students and colleagues;
  • To be a positive role-model to students, and to be an ambassador for ICSP;
  • To develop further as a professional and an educator through active participation in continued formal education, various in-service activities, personal and private readings, conference attendance, and additional studies;
  • To diligently complete all assigned student supervision duties, which are shared by all ICS staff and faculty.




Job Description

(updated February 9, 2018)




The Athletic Director provides leadership for the ICSP athletic programs by developing and maintaining programs with distinct Christian educational philosophies while maintaining safe and positive learning environments for ICSP students. This is a supplemental position, often, but not always, associated with the Physical Education (PE) position.



  • Holds a bachelor’s degree with a major in physical education, athletics leadership, and/or past experience in these areas;
  • Has documented organizational skills;
  • Has the ability to maintain a budget and publish reports as requested;
  • Can clearly communicate and represent ICSP well to the community;
  • Demonstrates a reasonable level of computer literacy, having a basic proficiency in doing word processing, e-mailing, and accessing the internet;
  • Has basic proficiency with Google Office products (Docs, Sheets, etc…);
  • Ability to manage student assistants;
  • A Christian with a consistent testimony among his/her family and peers.


REPORTS TO AND SUPERVISED BY:  Director with input from HS Lead Teacher.


POSITION TYPE:  10 month, 185 work days.


SALARY: As a supplemental position, this position receives an annual stipend.




  • Supervises coaches and coaching for all ICSP school teams as well as teachers and staff for all after-school activities;
  • Oversees the updating and yearly implementation of ICSP policies as they relate to athletics;
  • Promotes ICSP and its athletics to the school community and the community at large;
  • Maintains and continually improves the reputation of the school by building positive relationships with other coaches, players, referees, and other visiting guests to ICSP and ICSP events;
  • Enforces all policies in compliance with the ICSP Parent-Student Handbook;
  • Articulates and implements the ICSP philosophy of activities and athletics;
  • Requests, distributes, stores, maintains inventory, and allocations of all equipment, uniforms and supplies within the scope of the budget;
  • Manages the usage, repair, and maintenance (upkeep) of athletic facilities with the Facilities’ Manager;
  • Collects statistics and records of the accomplishments of teams and individuals from coaches and maintains this information;
  • Obtains referees for all athletic events and arranges for their payment;
  • Works with coaches to arrange and schedule volunteers for all games (scoreboard, stats, etc.);
  • Makes all the transportation arrangements for team practices and games – both locally and out of town;
  • Plans for future development of the athletic department and is involved in professional growth;
  • Coordinates all matters concerning student athletic eligibility and reports regularly to the school’s administration;
  • Conducts pre-season, season, and postseason conferences with each coach;
  • Works with coaches to plan, schedule, and confirm all practice schedules in accordance with written ICSP policies;
  • Develops a plan that will ensure the successful organization and implementation of all athletic programs and tournaments.  This includes yearlong athletic schedules and seasonal schedules of games and tournaments;
  • Represents the school at all KAIAC meetings, and maintains positive, consistent communication as the school’s KAIAC representative contact;
  • Communicates the details about the ICSP athletic programs to coaches, staff members, parents, and students as far in advance as possible;
  • Enforces all written ICS policies that relate to athletics directly or indirectly.




  1. Must be able to communicate well to families, teachers, coaches and community.
  2. Must be able to oversee budgets and able to record cash coming in and expenditures.
  3. Must have the ability to cooperate with employees in other departments and recruit sponsorships for activities and athletics.
  4. Must be able to think quickly and act appropriately in emergency situations.
  5. Must be flexible and able to adapt to change.
  6. Must be able to function properly under time constraints and perform well under pressure.
  7. Must be available to attend PTO & DAC meetings when requested by the Director.
  8. Be a strong Christian witness to families, students and colleagues.



EVALUATED: by the Director with input from the Academic Principal(s)



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