Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

International Christian School - Pyeongtaek

International Christian School of Pyeongtaek

Job Description

POSITION TITLE: Chief Financial Officer


1.     Bachelor’s degree with a major in Accounting, Business or Financial Management. Preferably with MBA.

2.     Thorough understanding of financial accounting software (QuickBooks) and Microsoft Office suite;

3.     Meets screening qualifications of NICS International Schools;


4.     A minimum of four years of experience or position with similar duties/level of responsibility;

5.     Other skills or alternatives to those listed as determined necessary by the Director of ICS.

REPORTS TO:  Director

SUPERVISES: All assigned staff members that have financial, kitchen, housekeeping/maintenance or administrative responsibilities not assigned directly to another.

JOB GOALS: The CFO of ICSP functions under the authority and jurisdiction of the Director.  The CFO is also the direct manager and responsible for all staff that are not faculty.  As a member of the management team, the CFO is authorized and accountable to prepare, track, monitor, and adjust all financial aspects of ICSP so to meets its targeted financial goals. Responsible for the preparing financial forecasts, budgets for NICS and for providing sound financial advice to the Director. Keeping track of budget expenditures versus budget predictions and making recommendations for ICSP to meet or exceed its budget.

SALARY: Based on published salary scales in ICSP Staff Handbook according to degrees, certification, and years of experience.


1.     Responsible to the Director for all financial and accounting actions taken at ICSP;

2.     Monitor progress of tasks assigned to staff members and adjust on an as needed basis in order to supervise, encourage, support, and evaluate them in those duties;

3.     Maintain an efficient financial accounting systems through use of policies, procedures, software, and computers;

4.     Supervise the daily transactions of fiscal resources coming in and out to maintain an accurate picture on the financial resources of ICSP;

5.     Prepare all financial reports required by the NICS Home Office in a timely and accurate manner; 

6.     To help with preparing any other reports to stakeholders on an as needed basis relating to any financial aspect of ICSP

7.     In conjunction with the school Director, to develop the annual school budget so that the ICSP can efficiently operate.

8.     To ensure that no funds are wrongfully misappropriated;

9.     To look at the financial implications of any decision and make a recommendation based on standard accounting or financial management best practices and being a good steward of all financial resources;

10.     To make forecasting decisions on an as-needed basis;

11.     To provide business advice on best practices to increase the efficiency of ICSP;

12.     Give regular reports on the actual versus the budgeted amounts to keep ICSP on meeting its financial goals for the year;   

13.     To provide advice and seek legal counsel if the school is ever in need;

14.     Coordinate with the staff and faculty for any equipment or material needs for ICSP;

15.     To find the best prices and services as needed for the school;

16.     Responsible for ordering of curriculum, textbooks, and equipment for ICSP;

17.     Responsible for financial integrity and all dealings with local Korean and foreign banks/credit unions for school and staff of ICSP;

18.     Manage the kitchen staff for all aspects of food services at ICSP;

19.     Supervise the Facility Supervisor for all aspects of the building, facilities, and grounds of ICSP;

20.     Prepare all payrolls;

21.     Process Tuition Assistance Applications (TAP);

22.     To ensure that a yearly audit is prepared by an outside agency and then submitted to the Director to guarantee the proper use of our funds and to address any corrections that are found. 

EVALUATED:  This position is evaluated yearly by the Director of ICSP.




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