Business Manager (Immediate Need)

International Christian School of Lima

The International Christian School, Lima, Peru is looking for a Business Manager to start as soon as possible. All candidates must be vetted by the Comptroller of the Network of International Christian Schools prior to being formally considered by the school for this position. Please direct all initial inquiries to Tim Mudder at

Job Description & Duties
Business Manager

Under the guidance of the Director, Director Designee or Interim Director the Business Manager shall be responsible for the following in addition to the ICS-Lima teacher job description:

Payroll Process
Supervises the Peruvian Bookkeeper in all her duties.
Helps to monitor procedures and schedules for the preparation, audit and distribution of school payroll.
Helps monitor procedures (manual and automated) and schedules for recording payroll transactions.
Helps monitor the preparation of payroll statistical reports as necessary.
Helps to monitor providing of information to employees concerning employee benefits and payroll withholdings.
Monitors the establishment of a filing system for timesheets, pay authorizations, payroll records, reports, etc.
Issues the NICS donation each month and informs NICS concerning its disbursement as needed.

Accounting System and Reporting
Monitors procedures and schedules for the preparation, audit and distribution of disbursements (accounts payables).
Monitors procedures (manual and automated) and schedules for recording all receipts and disbursements using standardized accounting procedures.
Helps with audits and inspects accuracy of the information necessary for financial, operational, and statistical reports.
Prepares and analyzes monthly and annual financial reports before submitting to the director to be sent to the NICS home office.
Ensures the establishment and maintenance of a filing system for disbursement claims, reports, and records.
Helps with internal audits conducted by the NICS comptroller.
Helps prepare formal responses to internal audits and follows up on implementation of internal and outside audit recommendations.

Annual School Budgets and Student Enrollment
Helps to monitor procedures to be used by the Director in the preparation of the annual budget.
Prepares reenrollment forms on all returning students.
Serves on the Tuition Assistance Committee to help determine scholarship needs.
Reviews proposed and final budget reports with the Director.
Reviews revenue and expenditure projections.
Reviews proposed expenditures to determine that they are within the framework of the adopted budget, helps with establishing and maintaining a system for controlling, and preventing over-expenditure of the budget.

School Cash Asset Management
Helps to determine the amount of available funds which can be invested while maintaining adequate checking account balances to meet current disbursements, and helps to make the arrangements to invest any excess funds when requested.
Participates in the decision to make short term loans to cover temporary fund deficits and helps to ensure timely loan payments as funds become available.
Assists in the preparation of cash projections and studies.

School Board Monitoring Reports
Helps the director review the school monitoring reports involving financial matters.
Submits monitoring reports to the director at least two business days before its due date to the NICS comptroller.

Annual Inventory of Equipment Owned By the School
Helps to ensure that procedures are in place for taking the annual inventory.
Reviews the inventory report and ensures that the assets are adequately insured.
Handles the depreciation of assets each month.


Management of Office Staff

Provides leadership for school office, technology, and maintenance staff.
Coordinates parent volunteers and keeps a record of the attendance.
Serves on the school’s leadership team.

Safeguard the interests of the school’s mother organization (Network of International Christian School) and her mission.
Demonstrate the character qualities of enthusiasm, courtesy, flexibility, integrity, kindness, self-control, perseverance, and punctuality.
Maintain a close personal walk with the Lord evidenced by his/her example and spiritual leadership among peers and with students.
Meet everyday stress with emotional stability, objectivity, and optimism.
Develop and maintain rapport with faculty, staff, students, and parents by treating others with friendliness, dignity, and consideration.
Respectfully submit and demonstrate loyalty to constituted authority.
Accept responsibility for other assigned duties deemed necessary by the Director for the operation of ICS Lima.

Contract Dates
This is a 12 month position, as such many of the job responsibilities are done during the winter and summer school breaks thus hindering vacations during these periods.
Peruvian Winter Duties
Painting and repairs started week after school is out.
End of Year closing of books to be completed by July 10
Audit started by July 15
New staff arrivals begin on July 15
All staff orientation starts can start as early as July 26
Peruvian Summer Duties
Oversees the starting of painting and repairs before Christmas break so the repair teams can work while the school is closed between Christmas and New Years.
Helps oversee the school’s summer school program.
The Business Manager is given 30 vacation days per year, with 1 personal day per year served with NICS.
Ten mandatory vacation days are used during the Christmas break when the office is closed.
Personal days do not carry over from year to year.
Due to the heavy workload in July, no more than 10 vacation days may be taken from June 21 through August 15 each year.
12 month employees will receive all Peruvian holidays and American Thanksgiving (not other American holidays). It is up to the discretion of the director to give days off for other days the school is not in session.
The Director must approve more than 10 days being taken at one time.


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