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Brasilia International School

Brasilia International School

"Preparing International Students to Positively Impact the World"



The Secondary Assistant Principal will provide leadership in developing and maintaining a stellar secondary educational program with a distinctive Christian educational philosophy that maintains high educational standards and encourages students and staff to be the best that they can be at BIS.


1. Master’s Degree in education to include experience in School Administration or Leadership/Supervision

2. Meet the minimal certification standards set forth by ACSI in an area of academic instruction, leadership, or that of an assistant principal role.

3. Preferred minimum 2 years’ experience teaching and 2 years in administration or leadership role.

4. Ability to contribute to the BIS Continues School Improvement Plan (CSIP) and the 5 year planned as assigned.

5. Ability to clearly communicate and represent BIS honorably to the community with a strong Christian witness.

6. Ability to manage and lead a diverse staff of teachers.

7. Able to demonstrate a reasonable level of computer literacy

8. Fully comply with all items contained in the BIS Faculty Handbook, NICS Missions Manual, or other directives/policies set forth by the Secondary Principal and/or Head of School.

9. A willingness to be flexible, respectful, and humble while carrying out directives and initiatives while understanding the Head of School, in collaboration with the FLT/FLT Plus members, remains the final authority as pertains to any school policy changes.

10. Demonstrates in his/her leadership style the mindset that every student has the potential to be successful, a heart of empathy for those struggling, and encourages those to whom he/she leads to maintain a similar level of grace-based philosophy.

11. A Christian with a consistent testimony among his/her family and peers.


REPORTS TO: Secondary Principal

COORDINATES WITH: Secondary Curriculum Coordinator, Resource Coordinator, ELD Coordinator, classroom teachers, and additional FLT/FLT Plus members.


To provide leadership and promote unity with a ministry mindset secondary program (6-12), developing and maintaining a distinctive Christian educational philosophy and the best possible educational and ministry program and services. Brasilia International School Preparing International Students to Positively Impact the World


In addition, but not limited to, active participation in program development, daily operations, school events, department meetings, student displince, supervision of teachers and students, and duties as assigned by the Head of school.

POSITION TYPE: Full Time/Full Salary


The Assistant Secondary Principal, under the supervision and guidance of the Secondary Principal, is responsible for developing, managing, collaborative staff/student scheduling, academic auditing of students, guidance serves as assigned, and implementing/evaluating policies/procedures that impact staff, students, families, and other duties as assigned by the Head of School based on the needs of the ministry.


  • Is responsible for co-leading the secondary program, grades 6 through 12, to include students, families, and staff.
  • Facilitates appraisals as assigned for secondary teaching staff following the guidelines set forth by the acting Secondary Principal.
  • Attends weekly meetings as assigned to discuss, plan and implement overall school-wide programs and activities.
  • As a member of Field Leadership Plus assists with student safety procedures (fire drills, evacuation drills etc.).
  • As a member of Field Leadership Team Plus assists with school/parent communications and meetings as necessary or assigned.
  • Facilitates staff feedback/needs to Secondary Principal as applicable.
  • Attends weekly staff and department meetings or other sessions as assigned to discuss, plan and implement school- wide academic programs.
  • Assesses with the Secondary Principal current practices, recommending and facilitating change and planning for in-service to include all aspects of the secondary program.
  • Works closely with the Secondary Principal and collaborates with the orientation process, transcripts, and other items as assigned for secondary students to include new enrollments.
  • Maintains certain duties of the guidance department, teaching, and other related support as assigned.
  • Administers initial student discipline as referred by classroom teachers collaborating with the Secondary Principal as applicable.
  • Recommends personnel requirements, brings forth construction feedback, and other related needs for the instructional program to the Secondary Principal and Secondary Curriculum Coordinator for review.
  • Assists with a collaborative effort to complete student and secondary teacher schedules in conjunction with the Principal and Curriculum Coordinator.
  • Gives insight and seeks approval as pertains to any policy or procedural changes to secondary program for purposes of collaboration. Recommends policy changes in the BIS Parent and Student Handbook.
  • Oversees coverage for teachers absent from their responsibilities.
  • Facilitates/monitors those involved with guided study halls, student support, and detention of students.
  • Oversees and provides direction for parent/teacher conferences.
  • Assumes responsibility as assigned for specific committee work.
  • Assists the FLT in planning for and leading in special school events as assigned.
  • Assumes responsibility as assigned for special programs as assigned.
  • Promotes extra-curricular activities for secondary students (clubs, field trips, special guests, etc.).
  • Assumes responsibility for the supervision and compliance of policies of secondary teachers per the BIS Faculty Handbook in conjunction with the Secondary Principal.
  • Assumes responsibility for the supervision of the secondary activities’ to include the athletic program.
  • Provides input as it pertains to the secondary spiritual emphasis programs (Loft) and community outreach, working closely with the Chaplain.
  • Provide classroom checkouts for assigned staff at the end of school year.
  • Be accountable to the Secondary Principal and Head of School for operations of the secondary school.
  • Be responsible to carry out those items at the secondary school level that are distinctive of NICS schools as presented in the NICS Administrator’s Manual: Guidelines & Policies, the NICS Missions Manual and the BIS Staff Manual.
  • Fully support and carry out directives in a positive and professional manor as set forth by the Secondary Principal and/or Head of School.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Secondary Principal/Head of School.


  • Must be a team player, especially as a key member of the Field Leadership Team Plus (FLT Plus).
  • Must have a strong working knowledge of school management.
  • Must be able to navigate and communicate well with NICS, the Head of School, DAC, other forms of authority, and the local community.
  • Must be able to effectively manage his/her staff members including encouraging and/or disciplining as needed all the while being a strong spiritual leader and role model.
  • Must have the ability to cooperate with staff members in other departments and as an assistant principal be able to respond to the various questions that arise within the diverse group of BIS employees.
  • Must be able to think quickly and act appropriately in emergency situations.
  • Must be flexible and able to adapt to change.
  • Must be able to function properly under time constraints and perform well under pressure.
  • Must have punctual and regular attendance.
  • Must support the broader program of the school by attending extra-curricular activities when possible.

EVALUATED: Annually by staff and given feedback by the Secondary Principal and Head of School as needed.

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